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We Offer:

Edit Yourself
Easily modify your web site yourself using a Word-style interface.

Easy Upload
Upload your own images, documents, and more with our simple interface.

Fast Support
Being a small company means we get back to you with support in a timely fashion.

Current/Recent Work

  • Canadian Biomaterials Society:
    Add Redirect URL to Registration for Offsite Registration Needs
    Toronto, ON
  • Global Chaplaincy Center:
    Global Chaplaincy Center - Membership Resource Website
  • Alternative Time Solutions:
    Fix issue with contact fields not being emptied when saved with no value
    Vaughan, ON
  • Performance-Improvement:
    Content Added to Sidebar, Upgrades, Wordpress Install, etc
    Ancaster, ON
  • Corpa:
    Translation Infrastructure Change at
    Burlington, ON
  • Progressive Training:
    Removed Remote Cities, Added Virtual Online Classes, Added Dates
    Oakville, ON
  • Neuanlage Grace Mennonite Church:
    Add Registration Link
    Hague, SK

Web Application Development

Custom Web Design/Programming Solutions

Today, the effective web site is more than an expensive business card; rather, it is an integrated software application that works with your organization.

Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterist, LinkedIn, YouTube, Amazon, Wikipedia, and Ask, are effective because they've skillfully combined social elements with a useful tool. Inc. can write applications that make use of these sites, and can help you build a site that is useful to your visitors.

Some examples:

  • Automatically post to Facebook, Twitter, SMS text messaging
  • Receive responses from SMS and send the user appropriate content based on their message
  • Pull data/albums/search results from sites like Facebook or Twitter and put them on your site automatically
  • Book clients from your web site, and send them email/Twitter/SMS reminders the day before
  • Create a special version of your site for the smart phone market
  • Allow conference registration, or manage organization membership online.
  • Put your industry database online and allow your sales force, your clients, or the world to access and search it

There are so many more ways we can make your site powerful and effective- contact us for a free consultation.